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google browser sync

Ca y est, google entre encore un peu plus chez nous en stockant, ni plus ni moins... que les preferences de notre navigateur.
Google browser sync a en effet pour but de:

  • Google will store the Firefox browser settings that you select in association with your Google account and use them to synchronize settings for Firefox browsers on other computers. You can choose to encrypt Google's stored copies of your settings. When you update or delete your browser settings, the copy stored with your Google Account will be updated or deleted as well.
  • Any user of your browser can see its history and other settings. Google Browser Sync synchronizes these settings across every browser on which you install Browser Sync. This means that anyone who uses one of those browsers can see browser settings created on the others. In addition, by using the browser anyone can create new settings, such as browsing history, that will be synchronized.

J'ai essayé sans succès d'installer le plugin sous iceweasel, car "Google Browser Sync requieres Firefox 1.5 or later". Pas de chance...