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Game level editor

Here is the article 15 about my series of posts about the game creation.

If you missed it, check out the previous part.


Here is a screenshot of the current state of the game. The important changes are:

  • Level Editor
  • Add emissive red when the player is hit
  • New semi wall structures and outside/inside ambient

Game threejs on github

Video presentation

Check out the new youtube video presenting the level editor and gameplay:

Level Editor

I saw that the randomness of the mazes are fun, but i was not able to get real levels as i wanted, so i made a level editor to get a better gameplay.

Currently the level editor allows to:

  • Define the environment: outside or inside
  • Enable/Disable cells
  • Add ennemys and patrol points
  • Add various objects like weapons or chests
  • Add closed doors with droppable keys

The levels are now all static, no randomness at all.

Note that the editor is only made with html/js, and when the user press the save button, a file is generated but not saved anywhere. The user as to save it directly in the game directory.


The sources are now directly available on github.

I created the tag "blog-21" to be able to reach the state of the project corresponding to this blog post.

You can also test the demo of the latest state of the project.

A demo of the editor is also available.